Beyond Seoul 2014 – Planning & Preparation

Countdown: 117 days to Korea.

At this point, I am/ we are 117 days away from a one-month holiday (in fact, I started counting down in twitter when I was ten-month away from the holiday. Madness, I know.). My parents, sister and I will be spending a month in Korea (my parents will join for the last 2 weeks).

Because we really enjoyed our 2012 Korea family holiday, it wasn’t long before we decided to go back to Korea again.

Planning starts pretty early (it always starts early for me!) mainly because we need to find a better time that all four of us can go off. After some adjustments, we decided on a Spring trip (yes, the next Korea trip down the road will be an Autumn trip). I also spent huge amount of time deciding where to go. There are too many places, too many things that I want to do and see. I/we enjoy nature – the sea, mountains, and rural/ countryside, and hope to catch the Cherry Blossoms. So the family portion includes Busan [sea], Gyeongju and Seoul. Before that, my sister and I will cover Gurye [countryside, Cherry Blossoms], Hamyang [mountains] and Seoul in the extra 2 weeks that we have. In fact, it was a tough choice to pick only two of the three places (Gwangyang, Gurye and Hamyang). Other key time soakers include researching on logistics between villages, accommodation options in villages (everything’s in korean!) what to eat in Seoul and our shopping list.

I know it sounds major / madness, but preparation also includes renewing our passports, getting a new pair of sports shoe and eye examination, replacing the damaged cabin luggage.

With about 3 months to go (in the midst of madness work commitments), I’m still tidying up the research notes, adjusting the restaurants to go to and waiting for air fares promotion for my parents’ tickets. We bought 2 pairs of Korean Air tickets as they are having March 2014 cheaper.

As much as I am looking forward to the holiday, I am really enjoying this whole more-than-ten-months planning and preparation stage. I always think in comparison days are more hopefully prior to a holiday than after (until you finally decide on the next holiday!).

My best spoken Korean phrase? Put down your gun (and no, I don’t want a chance to use it).


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