Reunion-Cafe in 응답하라 1997.

Updated: This cafe is also the filming location of Heirs Episode 17, where Kim Won (Kim Tan’s brother) met his potential marriage partner.


In preparation for my first Korea trip back in 2012, a list of eating places to visit was compiled. Of course we didn’t manage to visit all of them, but those that we visited were fabulous. In fact, eating (and not shopping) was our priority of the 2012 trip.

I think eating will still be our top piority for the 2014 trip. At least our itinerary in Seoul are planned around the eating places. The eating list has since become much longer now – so long that even if we can do 5-meal every day during the 17 days in Seoul in 2014, we still would not be able to finish all of them. But this, is a happy problem. We just need to figure out how somehow.

On the eating list, there is only one cafe that I really want to visit – DE TTOMA 드또마 카페. You may not be familiar with the name of the cafe, but for those who watched 응답하라 1997, you will definitely remember the reunion of Sung Shi-won and Yoon Yoon-jae in this cafe.

Reply1997 Cafe

Reply 1997 is my favourite drama of 2012 (watched the last episode in Jeju!) and the song list is still one of my favourite. It’s a drama that relieves your memories and brings you back to the days where you are still growing up.

Guess what’s my order at DE TTOMA 드또마 카페? Whipped cream ice mocha – more whipped cream please (This is by the way Yoon-jae’s order).

DE TTOMA 드또마 카페
Nearest Subway: Hapjeong Exit 3 or 4
Address: 서울시 마포구 서교동 404-29, 02-323-0429


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