Call 1330

Have you tried calling 1330 when you need travel information to Korea? I did! In fact my sister did as well! I called 1330 on a few occasions while planning for our one-month holiday in Korea (happy!).

Actually, the Korea Tourism Board provides abundant information online about Korea (personally I think the KTO did an excellent job!) – whether it is through their website or social media e.g. Facebook and Twitter. Many visitors to Korea also blogged about their experiences. But when it comes to information about the Korean countryside, or Korean content that you cannot make sense of, nothing beats calling 1330!

Based on the few occasions that I called 1330, the staff spoke fluent English, were knowledgeable, resourceful and helpful. The kind of questions that I asked (and gotten answers quickly):

  • Contacts of the local tourism offices in Gurye and Hamyang
  • Whether Gyeongdong Market, Seoul is currently under renovation
  • How to make a reservation for a camping restaurant in Seoul

So there you go! Try it next time when you need Korea travel information.

Read more here


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