A story about Darcy and his fishes


My Korean friend Darcy, who runs Memory in Jeju Pension (I wrote about the Pension here), showed me a photo of his fishes.

Darcy's goldfishes

Isn’t this cool? I never thought of rearing fishes in this bottle (do we call it a water cooler bottle?). I thought it is such a creative idea and I really love the photo (and the fishes!).

I asked if I could share this photo on this blog. He said “Go ahead“. So nice of him! And he told me the story behind the fishes.

So one day Darcy bought 10 goldfishes. He found there were 3 left the next day and all the fishes were gone by the following day. Oh no! I felt so sad when I hear this. He said a big bird took the fishes. I jokingly told him that he should get his dogs to protect the fishes. But guess what, he decided to rear them in this bottle, and some other fishes in a jar covered with grasses. Isn’t that a smart idea.

Here you go, another shot of his fishes @ Memory in Jeju Pension. Isn’t that lovely!

Memory in Jeju Pension and goldfishes

If you are visiting Jeju, help me say Hi! to Darcy’s fishes, will you?


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