Goodbye me2day



Does anyone uses me2day too? For those who are not familiar, me2day is the Korean version of Twitter. Other than the fact that I love to try out new social media sites, and despite being an active tweeter, I have a me2day which I posted regularly as well.

I set up my me2day account on 4 June 2012, but when I was notified that its service will terminate in June 2014, I wish otherwise! My last post was in fact on 24 Nov 2013.

I was looking through the posts that I have and I think while it was a brief period, it shared many of my memories during that period: feeling restless/passionless in life, counting down to Korea and back, loving Queen In Hyun’s Man to I Need Romance 2 to Reply 1997, leaving my job of 6 years and 7 months, missing Memory in Jeju Pension/ Jeju/Korea, dreaming of a April 2014 trip back to Korea (it is really happening!! Just for the record, I wrote of a April 2014 Korea trip back in October 2012), the music that I listened to, the people who briefly appeared and disappeared from my life…

So, goodbye me2day. I wish you aren’t leaving too.


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