구례 공용버스터미널 Gurye Public Bus Terminal : The small, picturesque and charming bus terminal that we went by almost everyday.

It offered a peaceful yet beautiful view of the streets covered with cherry blossoms (which looked like cotton-candy trees from afar). Also where I braved the cold wind everyday just so to say hi/ get wifi on my phone (wired internet back at the pension).

Apart from TV and waiting area/clean washroom/water cooler/ plugs for charging/ lockers/ pamphlets, there is a coffee place, an Korean eating place manned by a middle-aged couple and two other little shops in the terminal. We had two lovely meals at the Korean eating place, both times clam and egg soup with rice. Also a gateaway to nearby places like Gwangyang, Hwagae. There are a few eating places next to the terminal, including a C2U.


If anything, one more day walking around 구례 Gurye aimlessly is all good. Because, every memory that I have of this quaint little village town is my favourite. It leaves behind a footprint/longing that is more precious than Seoul.

That, I miss you. 

… [to be continued]


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