[Updated] 화야평 Hwayapyung (Gurye): comfortable, makes you feel that home is up there on the mountains through the winding roads,
and not forgetting the pension owner who will put you at ease, get off his car mid-way back to the Pension to switch on the signal lights and fetch you even when he’s having a flu.

Those days at the Pension, whereby we added the 5th night spontaneously, were days when I felt relaxed, and not fuss over what time exactly to wake up or move off, because things would just naturally happen even without a plan. There is no city lights or noise, the air’s crispy and we would often wake up before the alarm does its job, have our breakfast (usually kimbap, pajeon or instant mee) and find the pension owner ready to fetch us to the bus stop. Like how after the first night sleep we had one of the best days of our #31KoreaDays- starting from the long wait for village bus, to be invited to share a cab with fellow travelers, meeting father Harry and off to Gwangyang, then meeting JY and friends for the Sansuyou Festival and dining together (if not because the Pension was full and didn’t have extra mattresses, we would share our room with them).

The other staff are equally friendly and helpful, and I cannot think of anything that we need that the Pension hasn’t catered for. I am starting to think, because of the positive experiences thus far, that it will give me more confidence in finding a place to stay (how about not finding one in advance!), after 44 days cumulatively in Korea already.

On the day that we checked out, the owner drove us to the terminal. Along the way he tried numerous times to get me to pronounce 꽃 accurately, that I suspect it was because of this that I can instantly recognise the word now.

And, he left us with the most touching words he ever spoke to us, before turning around and left.

It is this kind of warmth and environment/wildness that I yearn for, and keep wanting more of.

… [to be continued]


Gurye Hwayapyung Pension
Address: 전남 구례군 산동면 좌사리 541-3, #541-3, Jwasari, Sandong- myeon, Gurye-gun, Jeonnam
Telephone: 010-9221-7507, 061-783-7800
Website (in Korean; but you can look at the photos on their brand new website, which reflect how the pension looks like), description on VisitKorea (English), my review on tripadvisor
Email: (simple english works!)
Facilities: We stayed in a double bed room, with an attached bathroom, TV, refigerator, hair dryer, bathtub and internet cable. You need to check if there is wifi, which is rare in Gurye.

Part 1 and Part 2 of the Gurye days


6 thoughts on “GURYE, SPRING 2014 & SANSUYU (PART 3)

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  4. Hello,
    I tried to contact Gurye Hwayapyung Pension on June 10 using gmail and I got no reply. An email thru resulted in delivery failure. Could you help?
    Thanks a million in advance.
    K. Chan

    • Hi K. Chan – the email is correct as I’ve communicated with the Pension owner even after my holiday. He runs the pension on his own so he could have not reply in time (from what i understand, most koreans stay there, and they call in to reserve). I’ll drop him an email to say Hi and let him know? When are you planning to stay there? If you dont mind, you can also give him a call on his mobile (simple english is ok). Anyway I will drop him an email but I cannot promise when he might see it 🙂 if you need another hotel recommendation, I can suggest – even though I didn’t stay in that one, but the location is convenient for someone who doesn’t drive. Let me know cheers!

  5. Hello,
    Thank you for your reply, I sent in a request through KTO after I asked for your help. Maybe I should wait a bit, I don’t want to “harass” him. I re-emailed him yesterday June 29th also. I actually emailed him on June 10th using gmail and I am still waiting. I don’t mind letting you know when I want to visit (mid October) but it’s a bit daunting to post it all in the open like this. Any possibility of private emailing you that info if needed?
    Thanks again, and how should I address you?


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