2014 Incheon Asian Games

I actually missed this when the article was first published in early May! I forgot that I actually wrote this before I went off to Korea >.< What’s different (with the rest) is that this comes with a Chinese version (certainly took me more time to pen this). You can read it here! I’m actually looking forward to the publication of the article I wrote about my #31KoreaDays ^^

I am down to writing the very last group article. Can’t imagine this is already the 5th month and I still feel that I’ve lots more to share about sports/Singapore/Korea, and that the Incheon Asian Games is coming soon (D-124). Of course, till then, we have World Cup!


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I wrote about my role hereherehere and here.
My articles: Life lessons we learn from watching sports dramas and moviesA local perspective of IncheonRising Host of Major Sports Events – SingaporeExperiencing Korea Through Boundless OptionsSingapore’s Top Medal Contenders in the Incheon Asian Games2015 Southeast Asian Games and SingaporeSingapore and Asian GamesThe 2014 Incheon Asian Games: Chinese Version with English Translations


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