And the (Korea) list never ends

There are many things I want to do in, and related to Korea. The same goes for the other favourite place of mine, Europe. But the lists aren’t exactly identical.

For Europe, some of the things that I want to do again include: revisit Barcelona and explore other parts of Spain (Barcelona was the first European city that I stepped foot on, so that pretty much explains why. I love their balconies and took Spanish classes for a few terms), to Paris again (jus because Paris Aunt is there, but also to explore outside of Paris), to Garmisch-partenkirchen again (it’s a mountain village and that explains why. Mountain is my first love), take more train rides in Europe, cycle in the countryside and bring my family there. The list of fresh to-do is not any shorter – to Norway (the most northern!), Greece, take a ferry and … that I don’t know how many more trips it will take to fulfill them all.

For Korea – outdoor camping (really too cold this time), more hiking, travel to the countryside/ mountains (if I got to pick, its mountains first then oceans), experience Spring cherry blossoms again and Autumn foliage, ice fishing (if I ever can withstand winter), eat patbingsu and stay overnight at jijimbang again,… and this:


Such a glorious BBQ day. If only we could pitch a tent and camp overnight.

I am jus going to do this someday- hike up the mountain for hours, outdoor bbq for dinner, camp overnight and watch the sun rise from the ocean.

Can Santa give me a full camping set for Christmas this year-  the tent, camping lamps, camping chair… are all so gorgeous. Better still, make that come true ^^


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