My favourite, 2014 #31KoreaDays

Theskiesy2014favphotoMountains as the backdrop, abundant cherry blossoms, cute little wooden houses and the place to experience Spring. This is my favourite photo of 2014 #31KoreaDays.

Perhaps it’s tough to pick my second or third favourite photo, but I wouldn’t give it another thought to pick this as my favourite shot. This is the place that I want to go back to – we didn’t manage to picnic here. In fact I took a few shots and had to run back to the bus stop, where my sister was waiting for the village bus.

I look at it each time I was down. Each time, thankful and grateful and sometimes I want to tear.

This, my wallpaper.

Because, you don’t have to do everything all at once; when there is something unfulfilled, that’s life, that’s anticipation and that’s hope. 


2 thoughts on “My favourite, 2014 #31KoreaDays

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