(Some of the photos are taken by my sister).. I think, for a long while to come, I will have endless memories to share about Gurye. The 5 days in Gurye are definitely my most favourite memories of this #31KoreaDays.

And so after the first night (and everything that I love most)…

… the opportunities to interact with fellow Koreans who were travelling around the country, like how we visited Gurye traditional market and made our way to Gwangyang together with father Harry, shared a cab with JY and friends to photograph the yellow Sansuyu, or (light) hike up the temple with Mr Park; touched by the warmth and help that fellow Koreans and travelers showered us; surrounded by farms, mountains and away from the crowd; the reward of being presented with a refreshing scenery at every hike; and at each turn or bend be rewarded with two parallel rows of cherry blossoms trees with branches bending inwards to form the most picturesque arch of blossoms, that even being stuck in the jam is a blessing. In fact, thinking back, I am so thankful that we traveled down the Seomjingang 3 out of the 5 days, even if each time we had a different destination in mind.

I like this episode of the #31KoreaDays so much that I am already wondering whether the next trip to Korea should be Spring days in these places (even if I always try to go to somewhere new or do something different).

And, the thing about missing Spring is that you know no matter what, you just got to wait for another year.

Thankful. Grateful.

… [to be continued]

Introduction of GuryePart 1Part 2 and Part 3 of the Gurye days; my favourite of the #31KoreaDays and Enjoy the Korean Outdoors.


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