Seoul & Spring 2014





Weather in Seoul during the 11 days (we had 8 more Seoul days after my parents joined us) were unexpectedly colder. I recalled nights of 2 degrees, so much so that I had days of running nose and (terrible) cough.

Anyway, by the time we arrived in Seoul, the most beautiful part of Spring was gone- flowers were accompanied by more green leaves (though I realise now that the greens aren’t that obvious!). But more importantly nothing beats the Gurye memories we had in our hearts – hence the only one place we went with the purpose of seeing Cherry Blossoms was Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival, and even then it was just a walk around the lake. We also came cross the Yunjungno Cherry Blossom Tunnel flowers on the Friday afternoon that we went for our Music Bank (thanks to my friend Darcy!).

I’m very thankful of the Music Bank experience, especially when tickets were hard to come by (we had front row, middle column seats; later did I know that Darcy hadn’t been to one himself!). The atmosphere was electrifying and the fans were not shy to show their support. Photography isn’t allowed during the filming of Music Bank but I (excitedly) managed a few shots without attracting a warning from the staff.

P/S: World Cup 2014 – are you going to watch (among other matches) the Russia VS South Korea match ^^


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