World Cup 2014 – Russia VS S. Korea


(profile photo from Fifa website) And so I woke up at 5am and stumbled into the nearest Mac to watch the 6am match between Russia and South Korea (note to self – the crowd is thinner at 6am, so there are more than enough seats. Though they get filled up after first half).

Most online reports don’t seem to be very optimistic of the current Team Korea. So far, Korea’s best performance was during World Cup Korea/Japan 2002, where they attained fourth place.

I hadn’t seen Team Korea play recently so just basing off this match, I thought they are stronger in midfield and seem to have less confidence when it comes to scoring. It was a pretty exciting match, especially when there were Koreans among the crowd I was in ^^ we screamed in joy when Team Korea scored, bore hope when Russia equalized and held our breath each time we thought there might be another goal for Team Korea. Lee Keunho (#11) scored the goal at 68′ and the match ended with 1- 1. Reality set in – and I was off to work.

I am still hopeful that Korea will advance to the next round (Russia, Algeria and Belgium are in the Group)^^

South Korea will next play Algeria on 23 June Monday, 3am SGT.


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