SEOUL & SPRING 2014 (Part 2)



Rather than hiking Dobongsan 도봉산, eating Dobongsan’s Sondubu (homemade tofu) was on the list of places I was keen to have a meal. So hiking Dobongsan came as an after-thought, but guess we love hiking quite a bit.

We arrived way past lunch hour and were pretty much the only ones in the restaurant. We had the popular dishes – Modeum Dubu (associated tofu platter) and Sundubu Jjigae (Silken tofu stew), together with our first taste of biji (soy pulp) with kimchi. While not necessarily cheap, the meal ended up being the few top favourites of the trip.

Since we also took some time to locate the restaurant, we ended up taking a short, and pretty easy, hiking route. Surprisingly, there were still traces of Spring along the route, and we were pretty much surrounded by barren trees, streams, boulders and a few fellow hikers making their way down.

If we are going to hike Dobongsan again, I think we pretty much will do everything the same way, other than starting off earlier.

… [to be continued]

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