Soba Noodles Salad/ Angel Hair Pasta Salad



I was meant to make Soba Noodles Salad (yap salad) but ended with Angel Hair Pasta Salad TT (let’s not even go into the conversation of why my supermarts (I went to 2 of them) didn’t carry a decent pack of soba noodles). I’ve been wanting to try this after reading Stew’s easy-to-follow recipe and seeing that yummy bowl of salad (he did a great job in detailing what you need to do, so if you are keen, read it here!).We’ve used butterhead lettuce in place of red lettuce, and steamed the tofu instead of browning it (my mum said our local fresh tofu is too soft to stay decent if stir fry). But otherwise everything else is the same as his’s. I also paired it with a cup of cold Woongjin Rice drink and it makes such a lovely dinner on this warm/humid/ultimate-summer-of-all-summer-days Sunday (before putting a mask and sleeping early for the 3am Germany match!).


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