If you have a day at Insadong/Auguk area, what would you do?

Well, we managed to pack quite a few activities, considering that we usually go with the flow (read: very leisurely slow haha) despite having an endless list of things we want to do.

That morning, we checked out of our hostel with the intention of sleeping over at a jijimbang that night. Other than a jijimbang sleep-over experience (will talk about this in another post!), it was our way to save money since we need to depart for Incheon Airport early the following morning to meet our parents for Busan.

We briefly visited the Dream Catcher shop featured in Heirs (do you know the shop Pastel De Nata sells egg tarts), had a round of baseball hits (more of misses rather), counted the number of clams in our clam noodles soup from our favourite shop for that dish back in 2012 (62 in the huge portion for two ha!), and rushed to Changdeokgung Palace just in time for our Secret Garden tour. Amazed that we were ready for dinner after the tour. It took much circling and a helpful store keeper who called up the shop before we managed to locate Insadong Sujebi, for what-we-think-is the best seafood pajeon. The sujebi pales in comparison, but I think it is because I still prefer the clams noodles dish.

By then, we were rather pleased with ourselves and decided to collect our luggage in the lockers and head to the jijimbang.

… [to be continued]

Seoul Part 1, Seoul Part 2


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