If you’ve noticed, my 5-month writing stint for Incheon Asian Games has ended (61 more days to go^^). But, here’s my very last article – Singapore Life Sports!

Just wanted to share this: For some of the topics that I wrote, other than myself, there are other fellow bloggers whom are supposed to cover the same topic. We usually briefly discussed to make sure that we cover different angles/sports. Also, while sports like running and swimming are common (I mean I am trying to answer the question; you must be kidding me if you expect me to write that golfing is a common sports that majority of Singaporeans enjoy). However I tried to provide some local context e.g. writing about our new Sports Hub and ActiveSg credits. I also did my share of research and introduced other sports that are less common e.g. piloxing, and KpopXFitness (which you will read it briefly if you get to the end of the article). So, that explains alright >.<


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My articles: Life lessons we learn from watching sports dramas and moviesA local perspective of IncheonRising Host of Major Sports Events – SingaporeExperiencing Korea Through Boundless OptionsSingapore’s Top Medal Contenders in the Incheon Asian Games2015 Southeast Asian Games and SingaporeSingapore and Asian GamesThe 2014 Incheon Asian Games: Chinese Version with English TranslationsEnjoy the Korean Outdoors!, Singapore Life Sports or Search my name on the Official Blog of Incheon Asian Games for the 10 articles that I wrote (here!)


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