None of these dishes deserve to be stack together for a post like this, but considering that we had been there for #31KoreaDays, it would have taken much effort to dedicate a post to each of these favourite eats. Especially when these were just some of the highlights of what we had in Seoul. I will try to do a more dedicated post for our top eats outside of Seoul.

And just a year or two ago I still have people (albeit from the older generation and they were on tours) telling me that there was nothing much to eat in Korea other than Kimchi and Ginseng Chicken. All I can say is – you’ve missed out of the best:

IMG_6957Eomukguk/fish cake soup; that costs an arm and leg in Singapore as THE premium fish cake soup. For every bowl you have in Singapore, you probably can have 9 in Seoul – that’s how premium it can be (beats me!). And we found our favourite bowl to consist of rather firm fish cakes and slightly spicy broth.

IMG_6981IMG_6992BBQ meat; the first night we arrived from Gurye, we went crazy and had 2 rounds of it, at two different places. And again we realised the few favourite BBQ places from 2012 were our favourites.

IMG_7094Kimchi fried rice with spam or egg; those days when we were too busy (haha in the supermarkets), we made do with dinner there.
IMG_7126THE ultimate BBQ meat place; one night when we were running too late for dinner at Ewha, I coaxed (haha) my sister to ask the salegirl of a cosmetic store for a recommendation of a  BBQ meat place. Who knows 2 years later, this is still our favourite. This time round, we went there twice and tried a few other dishes, but still how could that be enough. IMG_7212Kalguksu, free bibim naengmyeon (spicy mixed buckwheat noodles) and boribap (Barley rice); this was breakfast and our lunch. And no, we each have one portion of this entire set. Crazily huge portion and the food was good. IMG_7553Isaac sandwiches; I know many people love this and I love honey, especially Jeju Honey. But surprisingly I didn’t like this as much – I thought they were abit too heavy with the honey.IMG_7563Grilled fish set; we hardly had fish when we were there. Anyway I am so going to pick the fish that I want carefully, the next time.IMG_8740Gamjatang/pork bone soup; between this and Andong jjimdak, I think the former has a slight edge over it. Even though the ones we made didn’t taste exactly like this, it still works for us, whenever we miss the taste.IMG_8741Pajeon; till the next time where I eat pajeon when it rains..IMG_8747Tangsooyook; the korean-chinese version of our Sweet and Sour Pork. And no, it isn’t the usual small and red pieces of pork that we are familiar with. IMG_7593Jajangmyeon; I have this slight love/hate relationship with this. Sometimes I really crave for it; other times I find it abit too greasy. And sometimes I imagined how this dish should be – noodles are firm, broth is thicker, no fat, just onions and carrots.IMG_8752Paris Baguette blueberry yogurt cake; I don’t really have a thing for cakes but this is crazy. We had this for breakfast ^^IMG_8764Budae jjigae/army stew; and no it wasn’t from our favourite store. Even if it is abit far off, we are going to our favourite store the next time.IMG_8796IMG_8797

BBQ meat; oh there you go again, THE place for us. And a bowl of Ttukbaegi gyeranjjim/ steamed eggs costs 1,000 Won (though I noticed it usually costs 3,000 Won at most places). To have a bowl of this in Singapore, you can have about 18 bowls there at this store. No kidding.IMG_8817Bindaetteok/ Mung bean pancake; oh I love this. And please don’t make me pick between this and pajeon (for I can’t).IMG_8861Japchae; need I say more. Suprisingly I didn’t recall seeing many places serving this in Myeongdong.
IMG_8898McDonald Bulgogi Burger (Chicken) and meatball from Myeongdong street eats; oh I love them both. And nah diet is out of the window during a holiday. The brain doesn’t do its usual analysis other than whether it is delicious or not.
IMG_8914Tamagoyaki/ egg roll, spicy meat and bean paste soup; this meal was puzzling. Following my notes to this store that is no longer where it was, we ended up still weren’t sure if this is it. I guess it is and I love the huge egg roll. Then again how many eggs would I have consumed, I wondered.IMG_8920Baskin Robbins Strawberry (definitely you know this is my choice) and cheesecake ice cream.
IMG_8944Andong seafood (I don’t know the proper name!); in view that my mother and I (yes I started it) were coughing like crazy, we had Andong jjimdak, the seafood version. Absolutely love that we have it in large, finally.IMG_8954Whole chicken; no this isn’t Samgyetang, but as delicious (albeit the soup were diluted by the addition of the noodles).
IMG_8966No I almost cannot pick my favourite (everything’s nice!) and no I don’t usually eat much ice cream in Singapore.IMG_8969TwoTwo fried chicken; fried chicken is my favourite – enough said.IMG_8986Korea strawberries; we must have bought boxes of it and well, they go best with Bokbunja/raspberry wine.
IMG_8994Chocolate milk; yes the main reason for getting this is because of You Who Came From the Stars.IMG_9008I didn’t realise they change the packaging for the Lotte “Shark” ice cream till I grabbed it just before leaving for the airport. If I really have to pick, this is my favourite.


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