Global Seoul-Mates 1st Mission: To Introduce Yourself


Global Seoul Mate 1st Mission: Where are you now? We want to know more about you, since you are all living in different places around the world. Please introduce yourselves to us. And create an artistic and sensational “SEOUL” by putting together small images of the communities to which you belong. 

So here you go, my “Seoul”:

Seoul_Tan Si Ying

S: I live in Singapore, an island off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, whom will be celebrating its 50th birthday (SG50) next year! While we are highly urbanised, we strike to be a Garden City. The image is constructed using boiled broccoli (no broccoli is wasted in the process!), to illustrate how we try to inject more green spaces island-wide.

E: We are a melting pot of different cultures – British influences due to our colonization history, as well as that of Chinese, Malay and India, a reflection of our immigrant history. While we are proud of our history and culture, we also embrace other culture and influences. For instance, many of us love Korea. The image is constructed using homemade Doljaban-muchim, which go well with plain rice, eaten on days when we especially miss Korea. 

O: One ingredient that is commonly found in our cuisine and that of Korea is – chili. While Koreans enjoy gochujang, our kind of chili include chopped red chili soaked in soy sauce, chopped green chili soaked in vinegar, or sambal. The image is another kind of chili – homemade chicken rice style chili.

U:  While rice cake is Korea traditional snack, one of our traditional snack is “Tou Chi Peng”, literally translated as the Navel/Belly Button Biscuits, where there is a colourful swirl of icing sugar on top of each oval-shaped biscuit . The image is constructed using some “tou chi peng”.

L: Last but not least, one of the childhood snack that many Singaporeans are familiar with is sweets in the shape of stars. The image is constructed using different colours of stars-like sweets.


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