Some kind of travelling philosophy

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(Photos from #31KoreanDays in 2014 and all through the 3 summers in Paris) Ever since I discover my love for travelling, I’ve sort of decided that I will try not to visit the same destination twice, regardless how much I love the place. That probably explains why I hadn’t been back to Barcelona, but Paris is exception and I’ve been there for 3 summers. My excuse being – Paris Aunt is living there, so technically I am visiting her, not travelling. Plus I always make it a point to travel out, for instance to Charmonix, because I love mountains and train rides across continents.

Korea is another place that I’ve been there twice already and I suspect that’s not all yet. I can also come up with the excuse that Darcy, my Jeju friend is there, so I am visiting, or how about – Korea is like second home/Korea is so big that it’s not fair to restrict to 1 travel/ Korea is somehow exempted from this no-same-destination-twice.

Anyway it’s interesting to read this article – must have been two of my most favourite places so far – on how Paris Baguette is in Paris now (oh I so love their blueberry yogurt cake).

I love a good loaf of bread and especially baguette. When I was travelling in Europe on a shoestring i.e. one proper meal a day, baguette is my default breakfast choice, and sometimes even lunch. A good loaf of baguette is surprisingly hard to find in Singapore – some of them hard like a rock, the others too soft or not at the optimal ideal baguette size. What I deem is good – crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, served just a few minutes out from the oven.

When Carrefour used to be in Singapore, that’s where I get mine. These days I sometimes get mine from Four Leaves, a local bakery, though it never beats those Paris summers of crispy smelling nice loaf of baguette. I even took down the name of this bakery that has won some award for having the best baguette – for my next Paris visit.¬†Not forgetting any random baguette shop on the street that usually doesn’t disappoint, or my favourite Banh Mi from yes-my-favourite shop.

And till then..


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