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Food is definitely one central focus for our 2012/ 2014 Korea trips. At the planning stage, I typically start off by furiously narrowing down what I want to eat and where, and try hard to squeeze everything else in between. But the gigantic list/ desire to try new dishes/eating places while revisiting my old favourites had taken a toll haha. Also, it doesn’t help when some days we just got tired/lazy or were late for meals that we conveniently turned to nearby food options.

One morning, we must have fought off hunger pangs (or did we even have a round of breakfast at our room first) to arrive at Gwangjang Market 광장시장 for a round of eating. I was wary that we don’t have time for repeated visits, hence we came by a few days just before our flight home to pack some Kimchi and Korean side dishes, hopefully stretching such that they can last longer.

I enjoy traditional markets and cannot be happier with the varieties available at Gwangjang Market. We had mung bean pancake with seafood (so yummy! I will order one for myself the next time), dumpling noodles soup, japchae, fish cake soup and shikate drink. We also packed back mung bean porridge and kimbap (really love them!) back.

And of course the precious side dishes that we enjoyed over a few meals – gejang/ raw crabs, anchovies, perilla leaves and Ojingeochae muchim/ seasoned dried shredded squid.


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