Perilla goodness and BBQ meat


Thanks to fellow Korea/DOR fan (haha!), she brought me a pack of Perilla seed powder ^^ we had some left from our #31KoreanDays, but yipee to more gamjatang! If you follow me on Instagram, you would have known that our perilla seeds had finally sprouted. Hope that it will grow well enough to feed us for say one round of BBQ? haha. Anyone know if perilla powder or perilla oil gives better results?

…And for our work celebration lunch (basically to celebrate a few weeks of hard work!) we went to the newly opened K.cook Korean BBQ buffet for lunch!

We BBQ-ed in the “outdoor” areas as the few “indoor (read: with air-cond)” tables were already taken up by the time we arrived around 11.30am. From what I read on their Facebook, they are in the midst of setting up an online reservation and hence reservation is not available at the moment yet. It helped that the outdoor area has a high ceiling and pretty airy. Plus there’s always cold soft drinks if you feel warm in the midst of all the BBQ-ing. I don’t think the TV was on today (probably too occupied with eating to even notice!) but the Kpop songs suffice to keep us entertained!

They had a spread of cooked food – japchae, pajeon, honey coated fried chicken wings (freshly out from the kitchen!), spicy chicken, dakbokkeumtang (oh this was really nice, especially the well flavoured potatoes!), (steamed?) corn, rice and soup (I think!).

But the highlight wass definitely the BBQ meat – sausages, various cuts of pork (pork belly, pork collar etc) and marinated chicken, marinated beef and squid (think they might have prawns from what I read online, but we could have missed it), mushrooms, kimchi (and onion kimchi), onions (oh lovely thick cuts of onions that I hadn’t had enough of!) and lettuce for wraps. They also had salads (veg and potato!) and fruits – but I was too full to try them. Alcohol’s also available, but excluded from the buffet price.

Considering that weekday lunch was S$14.90++ in Orchard area no less, we all thought it was value for money! (if you finish within an hour, there’s 10% discount haha). I think weekday lunch’s going to be popular with school-going students and those who can afford a longer lunch! Ah BBQ meat and Korea – never fail to put a smile on my face ^^ It was windy when we were there, so it might be comfortable for girls to wear something longer/pants 🙂

P/S – watching raw drama clips before the subs are out meant patient listening to the often fast conversation, replaying the clips/checking with my neighbour next door (haha ok my sis), and still there were hits and misses (sometimes I know enough of what’s going on, but not always).


Yes, I can be pretty drama – I want to cry.

And yes, I’ve Kakao and isn’t this such a beautiful scene? I collected the prints for this scenery just today.

(I know, this is not a travel post, but it’s K-related haha!)


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