JYJ’s Junsu’s hotel, Jeju Toscana Hotel (and where else to stay in Jeju)

I came home just in time to see – Team Singapore entered the 2014 Incheon Asian Games Opening Ceremony, JYJ sang “Only One”, Lee Young-ae recieved the sacred flame, South Korea President declared open the games, PSY danced to his famous “Gangnam Style” and the fireworks lit the skies of Incheon. I was really excited considering I spent a good five months writing and promoting the IAG.

And of course, one of the IAG honorary ambassadors JYJ’s Junsu’s Jeju Toscana Hotel is also finally opening on 25 September 2014. I actually didn’t know Jeju Toscana Hotel is just 10-15 minutes walk from Memory in Jeju Pension, where my family and I stayed previously!

If you read my entry on Memory in Jeju Pension (here!), you probably can guess that Memory in Jeju Pension is one of those places that I will keep going back to stay. Compared to hotel chains, I find it more value for money, since we spent a good portion of our days outside. My family and I enjoyed the conducive environment where you can feel the sunshine, breathe in the greenery and the beach’s not far away. It also has this personal touch that we really appreciate – from the architecture perspective,  as well as service. Rather than being one of the many tourists, it makes you feel comfortable as if you are settling down in a new home, and with a friend next door to help you whenever you need to. The Pension is well equipped, so most often you hardly need anything other than travel information that Darcy will patiently plan for you. One of these days I am going back to Memory in Jeju Pension. Probably soon?

Ah, now you can always stay over at the beautiful Memory in Jeju Pension and walk over to JYJ Junsu’s Jeju Toscana Hotel ^^*


That’s Jeju Toscana Hotel

Toscana Hotel Jeju


and Memory in Jeju Pension…

Memory in Jeju - 1 Memory in Jeju - 2

JYJ Junsu’s Jeju Toscana Hotel – Website

Memory in Jeju Pension – My reviewFacebook, Website


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