Korean Air launches new website!

Korean Air 2014

Korean Air launches its new website today @ https://www.koreanair.com/global/en.html

Oh I am so excited, because frankly many airlines’ websites today still aren’t the friendliest. Take for instance, the many legacy old buttons that you have to click through in order to book a flight (sometimes I don’t even know if the website has hang on me, or it has yet to register my click) and how the entire buying-of-air-ticket process is not as swift and convenient as you wish for. This is despite the fact that we are seeing much more interactive interfaces elsewhere.

After surfing around the new Korean Air website (on chrome), boy, it feels so modern with all its new features! So different that it makes you forget their old look almost instantly!

First, the new website comes with a clean look and simple design. The menus are compactly concise with exactly those information that you frequently search for. No longer do you need to mouse-over rows of drop-down menus just to get to where you want but instead you can look out for the easily-recognizable icons at the sides.

Second, the interface is interactive and with no lag too! I don’t like waiting forever for the page to load, and worse, waiting with uncertainty – not knowing whether to continue waiting, to re-click or refresh.

Third, the new look inspires travel with its dreamy feel! Instead of how a typical airline website would look like (e.g. cluttered with endless buttons and information overload), the new Korean Air website feels all so refresh! Don’t we all get attracted to photos of an airplane against a backdrop of the charming blue skies littered with cotton-like clouds, or the much-anticipated feeling you experience as you look out of the ceiling-to-floor glass panes of the airport lounge to search for your plane? Those two images are most closely associated with travelling and how apt to use them to awake the urge for travels…

I guess we all think of Korean Air when we want to get a ticket to Korea (or like how you think of Lufthansa for your Europe trip), but do you know Korean Air serve 130 cities in 45 countries. And Korean Air is also the official sponsor of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games that’s ongoing now (where I am the IAG Blogger Crew)!

(My thoughts after seeing the Korean Air’s announcement of its new website launch on its Facebook)


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