Gaecheonjeol and everything I imagine of camping [Updated]

Today (3 October) is a public holiday in Korea – Happy National Foundation Day/ Gaecheonjeol/ 개천절 to my friends in Korea ^^ Gaecheonjeol is a day to celebrate the state of Gojoseon, ancient Korea (read more here), and this photo was taken during 2014 Incheon Asian Games Opening Ceremony. The Closing of IAG is tomorrow! (see the full closing ceremony here)


Darcy, my friend in Jeju said it’s a busy day for him. I guess Koreans will take advantage of the long weekend to visit Jeju! And since we are on the topic of Jeju, one day I will go camping there (or anywhere/in Korea)!

The fact is – I’ve never gone on a camping trip before but last year I went nuts about it (I forgot what was the trigger. Maybe my sister might remember why I gone crazy over camping suddenly). I wanted to camp during the #31KoreanDays but in the end gave up because it wasn’t warm enough to camp out and sleep in the wild under the stars, even though I could have done day camping, or even gone to a camping restaurant. I thought perhaps it was one of those short-term craze but I never stop thinking of camping – pitch a tent in the lush forest or by the beach, sit around a campfire and BBQ, and sleep under the stars.

So one of  the many holiday ideas I have is to camp – be close to nature, heal and appreciate our environment ^^

By the way if anyone even noticed, I’ve also started to share some articles that I read. This idea came from my favourite blogger who recently started sharing interesting topics that he read so I am more than happy to learn from him, since I also read extensively, especially about a new place/culture, Europe and Korea ^^*

Interesting articles I read~ (click to read them)

Songdo, South Korea: City of the Future?
Traditional Korean Clothing: Kdrama Style (Part 2)

And… how about also sharing with you the music that I am listening now? My playlist consists of mostly foreign pieces (aka non-Chinese/English) so that the songs do not disrupt my thoughts (while at work). Of course the list is currently make up of mostly Korean pieces, while others include Espanol/ German. Recently due to 연애의 발견, my favourite is 신화 – The Classic ㅎㅎㅎ

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