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I decided to dedicate an entry on 중화요리 Korean Chinese cuisine, because of a few reasons. First, a couple of years back, jjajangmyeon is one of the most featured dishes in Kdrama, together with 라면 ramyeon eaten out from a golden pot/pot cover haha. For a period of time, jjajangmyeon’s all I crave for. I first ate it in 2012 from one of the shops in Auguk. These days, I probably having cravings for gamjatang and Andong chicken more, but that might be because I bought one of those golden pots too ^^ Second, I learnt of something interesting about Korean Chinese cuisine through a conversation with my favourite blogger, which I thought is interesting to share (see next paragraph)! Third, it was only during this trip did we try tangsooyook, the Korean version of our so-called sweet and sour pork – different but equally delicious!

When I was first told that it’s customary to order jjajangmyeong/jjambong, tangsooyook after moving house, I couldn’t quite understand. I mean black cannot represent good luck, or can it? Apparently, it was an olden day practice that has since been followed. Historically, the majority of Korea’s ethnic Chinese population stayed in Incheon, where the cuisine was developed. Those days, whenever there was an event worth celebrating, e.g. graduation day, it was customary to treat guests to a meal and a Chinese meal is considered a big treat, often associated with honor and luxury. These days treating Chinese meals evolve as a gesture where one show appreciation, for instance treating friends whom help you move house to a Chinese meal.


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