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(First 4 photos – Namsan 3; Next 5 photos – Namsan 2 with deckered bed; Last 3 photos – Namsan 2 with mattress on the floor)

In Seoul, my sister and I stayed at both Namsan Guesthouse 2 and 3 (next to each other).

Namsan Guesthouse 3 is the newer addition to Namsan’s – recalled that the rooms in Namsan 3 are slightly more expensive than Namsan 2, NG3 is equipped with an elevator, has a bigger common pantry area (that sort of double up as luggage storage space, while luggage storage in NG2 is sheltered outdoor area), and offers bottled water in your room. Both Guesthouses have Skype Phone, which is a blessing for people who need to call back office (yah @@ to fix my laptop that couldn’t seem to login).

We stayed in NG3 for a night (with mattress on the floor), and spent most of the remaining 2 weeks in Seoul in NG2 (ground-floor room next to reception area with double decker bed, though we had a night or two at a 2nd floor room meant for 3, with mattress). All are nothing to shout about – a reasonable, budget private room with private toilet. Do expect the room to be typically small, but it’s equipped with a TV (where we often caught our favourite variety/music shows and dramas!) and hairdryer. I will appreciate a mini fridge, but then again that would be picking bones from egg considering the price we paid. Since it’s summer days, strawberries and makgeolli are fine without refrigeration.

The most attractive point of NG2 and NG3 is the location – it’s so easy/convenient to return to our room, put down our purchases and zoom out for another round of eating/buying. Cannot be happier that our room is within walking distances to the streets where we spent most of our time.

Of course in recent years, there are nicer, more conducive guesthouses popping up in other areas but then again that’s if you want to live away from Myeongdong. It would have been nice if some of these are located around the Myeongdong area (perhaps airbnb will have some offerings).

Lastly, while sometimes noise level could be higher than ideal (but it’s not crazy) when we were staying in ground-floor room next to the common area in NG2, what happened on the last day while we were checking out seal the deal – that if I have to stay in Myeongdong on a budget, unless I find something more competitively price, NG2 is my default place to stay in. We had heavy luggage (2 big and 3 small?) and one of their staff offered to drop us at where we wanted to go when he was leaving, even carrying the luggage to his car. ^^ It wasn’t expected and we were freaking out on how the two of us can move 5 pieces of luggage (dont ask why so many!) even an inch. Of course we could have gotten a cab but that kind gesture when someone offered to help you is what makes the difference.

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