Korea – National Parks, Forests, Hiking & Camping


Previously, I shared about my obsession/desire to camp in Korea (read here). If you think that’s all of it, I guess not ^^ Now those are pictures of a shelter in a National Park that I would like to stay in. The shelter – is really almost just a shelter literally (i.e. everyone in a big room on the floor, you rent a blanket or if you didn’t reserve you might have to sit up all night, and you got to bring your own food/cooking equipment if you want warm food), and that’s what I wanted to do. In Autumn no less, appreciating the sunrise and star gazing.

More about National Parks in Korea – they are managed by the government to ensure sustainable use and protect the natural ecosystem/habitats/species and cultural scenes of Korea. There are 16 mountains national parks in Korea (famous ones include Hallasan, Jirisan and Seoraksan), 4 marina & coastal national parks and 1 historical national park (Gyeongju). There can be special protection zones in the national parks. Also, some routes are closed at times for the areas to be relieved of traffic, or during fire danger season. Other than shelters, there are also some designated areas for camping in the national parks, for those who plan to hike over a few days.

And, some holiday ideas that I love – (light) hiking of National Parks, forest/ walking trails, cycling, spotting of Spring flowers/Autumn foliage and camping ^^*

Some interesting articles I read~ (click to read them)
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Recently, I’ve been listening to mostly songs by Roy Kim, Standing Egg and Eric (who has only one song, so let’s see). And, if you hadn’t seen this video, go ahead!

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