Doenjang Jigae, gamjatang and harvest

IMG_20141026_150745 IMG_20141026_170639 IMG_20141026_182220IMG-20141104-WA0001


Since we bought doenjang for the purpose of making ssamjang (korean spicy dipping sauce) for our bbq session, we thought we would finally make doenjang jigae/ soybean paste stew. Personally doenjang jigae isn’t my personal favourite and the fact is I’ve only eaten it during our recent #31KoreanDays, and that one time was because it was one of the cheapest dish (and the fact that we hadn’t eaten before among the usual bibimbap). But you know, anything Korea & homemade got to be nice. Mum also harvested the perilla that she’ve grown and we again cooked our favourite gamjatang, this time with potatoes, as well as one of those last dried chilies from Gurye. Lastly, that picture of that melon got her really excited/ happy. And yes it’s chamoe 참외. We can’t wait for it to turn yellow.

Do you know… that 7 November 2014 marked the onset of winter in Korea / ipdong 입동? And do you know the history of Koreans’ favourite Banana Flavored Milk (apparently other than banana & strawberry, the new flavour is melon!)? Briefly, the product, produced in Gyeonggi Province, is 40 years old, and started during the time where, due to import restrictions, bananas were hard to find in Korea. Also, the shape of the milk bottle was said to be inspired by the traditional Korean jars (I got to know it because of this article).


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