SEOUL & SPRING 2014 jimjibang edition

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Silloam Fire Pot Sauna 실로암불가마사우나 (24 hours)
Seoul Station Line 1, 4 Exit 1 (5 mins walk from the back of Lotte Mart)

The night before our parents arrived from Singapore to meet up with us, my sister and I decided to sleep over in a bathhouse/ jimjibang. This would be one out of two jimjibang experiences that we had during our #31SeoulDays and it’s so fun that I will do it all over again! Jimjibang is a good (and cheap) place to sleepover, especially for short nights where you need to wake up early the following day!

Here’s how it goes:

  • Pay the entrance fee (we paid 15,000 Won per pax, as of April 2014) and enter the compound
  • Remove your socks and shoes, and keep them in the shoe locker
  • There’s also a small area where people leave their luggage there – just make sure you lock yours up!
  • Exchange the shoe locker key for a locker key (to put your clothing and stuff) and grab a towel or two, together with your jimjibang set of clothing (the orange set of clothing!)
  • Deposit your clothing in the locker; I also had with me my camera , mobile phone and alarm clock in the locker. Wear the locker key as a bracelet
  • Since you are not wearing anything at the moment, the very first instinct is get to the bath pools as fast as possible! The bath pools are located in the basement (one flight of stairs down)
  • It wasn’t very crowded before 8pm on the Friday night when we were there, but the stream of people entering never seem to stop even till the wee hours
  • There are some shelves right outside the entrance of the bath pools – not that it makes a huge difference but you might be glad to know my sister wore her top all the way to the very entrance before removing them (if someone spots you, they might just ask you to remove your clothing anyway). I left my jimjibang set of clothing on one of the shelves
  • In the centre of the bath area are individual stations where you can (have to?) shower before entering the pool (I’ve seen many whom scrub themselves clean at the station too)
  • If you are shy, just have a quick shower and hide in one of the pools (pick one that you will be comfortable in, based on the displayed temperatures!)
  • You can stay there for any amount of time and no one will chase you away. I find this bit the highlight and the entire reason why you came to a jimjibang (other than first timer) because it is most relaxing and enjoyable. Probably good to visit one after a hike too!
  • When you are done (some people tried to cover themselves with the towels but I bundled up my hair with them instead), shower (shampoo and shower foam provided) and change into the jimjibang set of clothing
  • Dry your hair – you got to pay 200 Won for a couple minutes use of hair dryer (my sister and I shared 600 Won worth of drying)
  • Venture upstairs – we were pretty excited at that moment, discovering more of the facilities – various room e.g. soil fermentation room, ice room, jade sweating room, oxygen cave
  • If you went with someone of the different gender, it’s this common area that you can meet up with them – watch telly, eat (they sell anything from snacks to a proper meal!) or just hang around
  • We decided to sleep in the capsule room (the very last picture) – you can grab one of the clean towels as your bedding/ blanket
  • Just take note to bring around your belonging with you – I lost an alarm clock because I had the Singaporean mentality of “choping” (aka reserve, like how we like to reserve tables at hawker centres with a pack of tissue) the capsule with my alarm while my sister and I went out for a walk. It was gone when I came back not long after. It isn’t the price, rather the inconvenience of losing an alarm clock when you are a tourist. I needed the alarm to wake us up on time to grab the first train to Incheon airport to meet our parents
  • I didn’t have much sleep (knowing that I’ve to wake up pretty soon) but I think my sister slept well
  • I recalled that there’s wifi too but I am not entire sure
  • Lastly, I think I fell sick after that night – developed a super duper persistent cough that lasted for more than a week or two. Either I caught a cold or the gems but glad that I was alright after my second jimjibang experience in Busan

Look out for my entry on my second jimjibang experience! It’s a whole new different experience. You totally should visit them if you are ever in Busan:

Spa Land Centum City 스파랜드 센텀시티 (4 hour limit)
Centum City Station Busan Line 2 Exit 12

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3 thoughts on “SEOUL & SPRING 2014 jimjibang edition

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  2. Hi,
    Nice sharing!
    I would like to know do i need to book the room if i think to overnight at Silloam Fire Pot Sauna?
    Is there any luggage storage to put my luggage if i arrive in the morning but my check in at the nighttime?

    • Hi shinchia, sorry for my late reply – I had been travelling and was sick. Bathhouses are different from hostels/ hotels, so you don’t think to book anything in advance. Just walk in will do ^^ This means that there is no individual room for sleeping – the sleeping room is a huge common area for many “beds”. Lastly since it is not a hostel/ hotel, people usually don’t bring along all their luggage to the bathhouse. I think a cabin luggage seems reasonable, and there should be space ( at least yes for Silloam) near the reception area for you to put your luggage. However since it is an open space with no locked storage for your luggage, it differs across individuals whether they are comfortable with this or not ^^

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