Global Seoul-Mates 3rd Mission: Time Capsule

Third mission

The third mission – Remembering, Enjoying, and Dreaming Seoul Together. “What was Seoul like in 2014 in your eyes?”

So, here you go.

Dear Mayor of Seoul,

My memories of Seoul in 2014… are of

The enchanting Spring and spring flowers,
the yummy local delights,
the buzzing traditional market,
the charming streets and small shops,
enjoying a game of baseball, hair cut, and an episode of Music Bank
making glasses, and visiting Secret Garden..

The thing about missing Spring, is that you know no matter what, you just got to wait for another year.

There are endless ways to remember Korea. We, will each have our own special memories of Seoul – be it the traditional palaces, the buzzing shopping streets, yummy Korean food or even the stunning countryside.

The best way to remember Seoul, is to visit again and create more memories.

So, let us dream till we visit Korea again…

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