Tongyeong 통영시 2015

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In Spring 2015, out of the 3 islands that I want to visit, in the end I picked Jangsado Sea Park 장사도 해상공원 and Bijindo Island 비진도.

Because of my friendly accommodation host (read here), I was able to visit Jangsado Sea Park the very day that I arrived in Tongyeong from Seoul.

Maybe most people would know of Jangsado Sea Park due to the popular TV drama back then, You Who Came From the Star. But to me, the best of Jangsado Sea Park is not the island itself, but the views from the island. I enjoyed the park greatly, but really love the views.

For those visiting, might as well have your meal at the ferry terminal. I enjoyed mine greatly!

Note: I’m thankful that someone is still reading my blog. I logged in to answer his/ her query and thought might as well to leave a note ^^ The times that I was away – I was doing more research about Korea kekeke

This year my family & I are spending a month in Europe, but I already have plans to visit Korea next year (more places that I can cover in the next 1 or 2 trips).

Anyway, I tend to upload my instagram more regularly than this – mostly about my (korean) cooking/ bread maker/travelling adventures ^^*


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