Florence 2016 (2)


Italy was at the peak of Summer when we were there, even if it could still be chilly in Paris, wet and cold in London, but it was super duper sunny in Italy. Anyway the most traditional family restaurants were all closed for their summer breaks except 1, which we went by twice. It was definitely disappointed, considering that I planned almost the entire of Florence around food. Then again, we still tried to make the best out of it. At least we did manage as much meals at our favourite restaurant in Paris (another post someday).


Chianti, Tuscany 2016 (2)


It was a public holiday, or rather Italy most important public holiday. Hence it was an understatement to say that trying to arrange for anything on that day (even before and after) was a logistic nightmare, not forgetting the fact that we were car-less, and taxi would have cost a bomb.

We did eventually gone on a vineyard tour, with lunch. Though it was probably way too much of a summer to be in the vineyard, so it was more of a cellars tour. The fact that we were the only 4 people in the tour meant that the staff couldn’t wait to finish the tour, but we still enjoyed our short few hours there. The food’s very great, but if I didn’t have to think of getting back to Florence later the day, I would have drank everything that’s being served.

And, I think I really like Italy, even if all that I’ve seen were some Florence and Tuscany. Maybe it calls for a non-summer Italy holiday, someday, one day.

Chianti, Tuscany 2016 (1)


Without a car, while in Florence, we still made it to Chianti.

The picture perfect Tuscany – the vibrant blue sky with white fluffy clouds, the green vineyard just outside of the window, the hanging grapes and growing tomatoes that’s about to ripe, the Tuscan cypress trees, and the lack of bustle of a city.

I just wished I would have drank more wine…

Florence 2016


After Paris and Annecy, we visited Florence and Tuscany.

I needed a post just to share photos of Casa Caterina; probably the only place we would want to stay in Florence. Absolutely a gem – everything from its location, to facilities and host are everything that we can ask for. It’s central to all the main attractions and sights, and walkable from the train station. There’re 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for the 4 of us. We used the kitchen to whip up meals, enjoyed our meals (and checked my work emails) at the dining area, and never lack anything. The whole unit is air-conditioned (great for the heat in summers!). There’s no lift and sometimes you get the street noises. But I know these upfront, and are really minor. And of course the ever-lovely hosts – I’m just so going to stay with them the next time we are in Florence!

And, I especially love those kitchen and bathroom tiles (no I dont think I ever could buy them in Sg), and the little decor throughout the house. Ahh I miss those nights there.