2014 Global Seoul-Mate


About Me… Hello Hi, this is my holiday blog. A place where I write about holiday planning and preparation, holidays and after-story (I hope this lasts).

Places that I’ve been to – Bangkok, Bath, Barcelona, Busan, Cambridge, Charmonix, China (various), Garmish- partenkirchen, Gyeongju, Gurye, Gwangyang, Hong Kong, Hadong, Hwagae, Jeju, Jeonju, Kuala Lumpur, London, Lucern, Melbourn, Munich, New York, North Carolina, Orlando, Paris, Phuket, Prague, Seoul, Vienna.

I love.. the sun, sea, bright blue sky and mountain.. travelling, Korea and Europe.. holiday planning.. photography and craft.. swimming and cycling.. music.

I enjoy everything about holidays – from the planning stage to preparation period to packing of luggage and the holiday itself. Except, I don’t really like unpacking luggage when the holiday is over.

In 2013, I took part in the first Master Planner Challenge that Korean Tourism Board (KTO) MICE Singapore organised, and won 3rd prize. So I asked myself again (and again) if I could finally have a holiday blog to write about something I really enjoy. I am also part of the 17th Asian Games Incheon 2014 Blogger “Crew” (Jan – May 2014), the only Singapore representative!

I do have a personal blog which I still try to pen my thoughts. But I tweet more than blog now.

In 2014, I am also the Global Seoul-Mate ^^


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